SAS at Close Quarters: Great Battles of the SAS

SAS at Close Quarters: Great Battles of the SAS

by SteveCrawford (Author)


What is it like to operate in a four-man team for months at a time behind enemy lines, to infiltrate Argentinian defences on the Falklands, to "take out" an IRA active service unit and to storm a terrorist-held building in the heart of London and free hostages? This book looks at what it means to take part in such action. Using first-hand accounts, this book examines every facet of the world's most highly trained and deadly special forces unit. In addition, the reader gets a unique insight into the minds of the men who wear the Winged Dagger badge. Includes the most notable actions the regiment has been involved in the last 30 years: the siege-busting operation at Princes Gate in May 1980; the Pebble Island raid, which led to the destruction of Argentinian aircraft in a daring night-time raid; the intelligence-gathering missions behind the lines on the Falklands; the spectacular Longhall ambush of May 1987; and the controversial Gibraltar ambush of 1988, which led to the neutralization of an IRA active service unit.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 192
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd
Published: 22 Oct 1993

ISBN 10: 0283061839
ISBN 13: 9780283061837