The Sicily Cookbook :Authentic Recipes from a Mediterranean Island

The Sicily Cookbook

The Sicily Cookbook :Authentic Recipes from a Mediterranean Island

Published: 7 May, 2020
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Get a taste of the unique fusion of flavours that Sicilian food has to offer!

?Packed with more than 70 Sicilian recipes, all accompanied by evocative food photography from the island, this Italian cookbook will bring the Mediterranean sunshine into your kitchen.

Discover authentic Italian cooking at its finest with this Sicilian recipe book. Here's what's inside:

- More than 70 Sicilian sweet and savoury recipes, from Pasta Alla Norma, grilled octopus, and Sicilian baked sausage to arancini with tuna, Jerusalem artichokes with black lentils, and Sicilian orange bread
- Recipes include appetisers, main courses, individual dishes, side dishes, desserts, and drinks
- Easy-to-follow cooking instructions with preparation times
- Stunning full-page food photography with atmospheric scenes of Sicilian architecture and landscapes
- Features on local chefs, food developers, and producers

Embark on a culinary trip of a lifetime with Sicilian cook, writer and photographer, Cettina Vicenzino. While only a few miles from Italy, Sicily's heritage is proudly distinct from that of the mainland, favouring dishes packed with spices, citrus fruits, cheeses, olives, tomatoes, aubergines, and seafood.

Bring the food of Sicily to your table with recipes ranging from smoked tuna to pasta with Trapani pesto. This Sicilian cookbook features three strands of Sicilian cooking - Cucina Povera (peasant food), Cibo di Strada (street food), and Cucina dei Monsu (sophisticated food). It also includes profiles of local chefs and food heroes.

Whether you're a lover of Italian and Sicilian food or want to explore the Mediterranean diet, The Sicily Cookbook will be sure to hit the spot!

Cettina Vicenzino was born in Sicily and grew up in Germany. She is a cook, food photographer, and writer, and has written several books on Italian and Sicilian cuisine.

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