Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers: A professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers: A professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC

by Martin Evening (Author)


Why choose this book? Its inside advantage is - it is written for photographers by a photographer! Martin shares his expert knowledge to help you combine photography and Photoshop to develop memorable images. It features complete updates - 704 pages of fully updated content plus 30 pages of Photoshop Shortcuts on the free CD-ROM. Master Photoshop CS2 - More than 300 pages of information show you how to make tonal corrections, sharpen images, use filters, create montages, simulate darkroom effects and automate Photoshop. Conquer color obstacles - it contains over 100 pages devoted to explaining the basic principles of color management, how to calibrate your equipment and how to achieve consistent color and produce perfect prints. Expanded areas - it provides more detailed examples, diagrams, simple step-by-step explanations, improving accessibility for the advanced beginner. It is the latest edition to join Martin Evening's best-selling "Adobe Photoshop for Photographers" titles, and gives you completely updated and revised coverage providing a professional photographer's insight into Photoshop CS2. Inside you'll find invaluable information on Bridge, the new file browser that is set to become a very useful image management tool for photographers. Other new developments covered include the new Digital Negative (DNG) file format, improvements in Camera Raw file processing and High Dynamic Range imaging. Packed full of all the latest features and instructive information on key elements from color management to printing, Martin Evening passes on his famous techniques and professional experience in this commanding and authoritative resource. Over 450 professional, color illustrations make this book stand above the rest. New interior design and reorganised contents make this book even easier to use. Master the power of Photoshop CS2 under the instruction of an internationally recognised Photoshop expert.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 704
Edition: 7th Revised edition
Publisher: Focal Press
Published: 16 May 2005

ISBN 10: 0240519841
ISBN 13: 9780240519845

Media Reviews
Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers by Martin Evening is the latest update to his esteemed guide for professional image editors. It includes practical techniques, step-by-step tutorials, and is illustrated throughout with high-quality images, including real-life assignments. - MacWorld

Don't be misled by the title: This book is for just about every Photoshop User, not just photographers. It's a top-notch general reference on Photoshop, a book to which you can refer for answers to most of your Photoshop questions. - Photoshop User Magazine

Everything is explained clearly and there are plenty of colourful images to help back up the words. All of this alone would be enough reason to go and buy the book, but there's also the CD to get excited about. In addition to source images, this little gem has video tutorials and extra instruction. You get an awful lot of content for the GBP27.99 asking price, and we'd thoroughly recommend you buy this book. - Photoshop Creative

One of the best and most comprehensive guides available...Each section includes examples with before and after images; we found some of the ideas really inspiring...If you are a photographer using CS2, this book is a must buy. - Which Digital Camera

This one book excellently covers all aspects of Photoshop CS2 and presents them clearly from the photographer's point of view. - Advanced Photoshop

Still very much the daddy of all Photoshop books...the quality of illustration and production are top rate...if this book is impressive then the accompanying CD-ROM is a delight. - British Journal of Photography

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers by Martin Evening is like the contains everything you would want to know about the creative use of Photoshop for a Macintosh or PC...a must-have guide. - Amateur Photographer

The book is organized in a very clear and helpful color coding scheme...I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent volume. Evening covers a lot of ground and I want more from this expert and author... Highly recommended for anyone interested in real-world imaging processes and techniques.

Clearly, this book will satisfy the most demanding Photoshop junkie... Martin Evening is a professional photographer who really understands his audience. It's amazingly comprehensive, and pitched to be suitable for all levels of users, from experienced pros to people with a more basic grasp of the software... There is an excellent mix of images that add relevance and credibility to the overall professional level of this book... This book could prove to be one of the most useful books you'll ever buy. - Digital Photographer

Covering both Mac and PC, this is a great buy for the photographer who wants to get to grips with the latest features. - Digital Creative Arts

The book does a great job of introducing all the features that are new to CS2. The tips on colour correction and setting up Photoshop for photographic work are invaluable. Even the most hardened Photoshop pro will find useful insights and tips here. The section on colour workflow is particularly good and one of the most lucid insights into the confounding world of reproducing accurate colour... Martin Evening's book is probably the best Photoshop manual available. Well priced and thoroughly informative. - MacFormat

Richly illustrated with photos and screen grabs, this is an invaluable guide for anyone serious about Photoshop at a very reasonable price. - What Digital Camera

The best just got better... For those who have the first CS version of the book, the decision to upgrade will depend on how much emphasis you place on the new features, however for others who are contemplating which book to buy, look no further - this book has it all... a must buy for every aspiring digital photographer and Photoshop user. - Timeless Digital Imaging

Martin Evening has produced an indispensable guide to all of the new features and tricks... This is an easy to follow and well written guide. - Computer Arts the best software manual that you might expect with expensive computer programs, but actually rarely receive... (it is)beautifully illustrated. Evening's book - with its tutorial CD - manages that rare achievement, of hand-holding the fast-learning novice and old pro alike through some pretty involved procedures. - Stills Audio Motion

My all time favourite books on Photoshop are those by Martin Evening...Martin shares his expert knowledge to help you combine photography and Photoshop to devlop memorable images. - PSA Journal

Proving that indeed good things come in large packages, Evening's somewhat text heavy book is nevertheless blessed with great text and images. - Shutterbug

This is highly recommended and a publication I will not be able to manage without. - The Picture Professional

This book is a must-have for any photographer serious about editing his or her images. -

Praise for the CS edition:

A newly updated book, Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers, by Martin Evening, offers more than usual for serious photographers. - Photo Techniques

Martin Evenings 554 page Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers, offers outstanding information, techniques, examples from the author's professional photo assignments, and includes a CD with tutorials. -

On the previous edition:

Proving an excellent resource for digital photographers looking to use Photoshop to repair and enhance makes interesting reading for both serious photographers and graphic designers looking to improve their Photoshop skills. - Digital Creative Arts

...there are a few gems out there, and Martin Evening's Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers is still the daddy of all Photoshop books...His latest edition manages to improve this already high standard, with a revised format that makes it easier to get to grips with the subject.
British Journal of Photography

If you own a previous version of Martin's book it's worth ditching and buying this as there are a lot of rewritten sections and the structure has changed with new illustrations. Basically the best just got better.

This is a comprehensive manual...Evening is an entertaining and informative writer and there is a wealth of information in the seventeen chapters in this book...Highly recommended.
Journal of Audio Visual Media in Medicine

With 704 pages to boast of, this is one huge bargain to be had, and a worthy one if you're at all into enhancing your photographs in post-production, from basic tweaks to outputting advice. Digital Photographer Magazine, Issue 47.
Author Bio
Martin Evening is a professional photographer and digital imaging consultant, an experienced Photoshop user and key demo artist for Adobe. Based in London, UK, Martin was inducted into the legendary Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2008.