Digital Imaging for Photographers

Digital Imaging for Photographers

by Adrian Davies (Author), PhilFennessy (Author)


This authoritative, best-selling guide provides both professional and amateur photographers worldwide with a comprehensive introduction to the technologies and techniques of digital imaging. It features: an in-depth overview of image capture with digital cameras and scanners; hardware and software considerations; the digital darkroom; image processing with examples from Adobe Photoshop, showing how to achieve the highest quality images; printing digital images; and, colour management issues. This completely revised and updated fourth edition, with the latest information on cameras, printers and image processing techniques, is also illustrated throughout with full colour images for the first time. The free CD-ROM contains many of these images so that you can practice the techniques in the book, as well as new examples of some the other issues discussed. Specially produced animations show the operation of charge coupled devices (CCDs) and software provided includes NIH Image (Scion Image for PC), invaluable for technical photographers to process and analyse their images. If you are considering investing in digital imaging equipment, or want to understand more about this subject, this book will offer you authoritative, first-hand advice. Adrian Davies is Deputy Head of the Department of Arts, Media and General Education at North East Surrey College of Technology, where he has introduced various courses on digital imaging. He writes regularly for a number of magazines and speaks at various conferences and exhibitions, as well as being an active wildlife and natural history photographer. Phil Fennessy is Digital Capture Development Manager for Eastman Kodak. An authoritative, established guide for photographers, this work helps you make an informed decision about digital imaging and learn how to output images - from quality printing to transmission over the internet.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 214
Edition: 4th Revised edition
Publisher: Focal Press
Published: 07 Aug 2002

ISBN 10: 0240515900
ISBN 13: 9780240515908
Book Overview: An authoritative, established guide for photographers Make an informed decision about digital imaging with this book Learn how to output images - from quality printing to transmission over the internet

Media Reviews
Reviews of current edition:

'...packed with good quality technical explanation on the nuts and bolts of digital imaging. From how CCDs and pixels really work, colour and colour management issues. If there are aspects of digital imaging that you need to understand technically, this is the book for you.'
Better Digital

'This book discusses what a 'Digital Image' actually is, from terminology to the mechanics of image output. All explained in clear, non-technical jargon and illustrated by useful diagrams. I found it gave much more detail on topics such as resolution, file types, storage and compression. These are often neglected in similar publications, but are essential in understanding the digital process.'
John Shaw, Digital Photo and Practical Photographer

Reviews of previous editions:

'Whether you're just getting into digital imaging or a relatively old hand, this book is highly recommended.'
Professional Photographer.

'....aimed squarely at cutting through the jargon and explaining how it all works in a way that a computer rookie can understand... While mainly aimed at imaging novices, this book will fill in the knowledge gaps of many who are using imaging on a regular basis. I can strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the subject, whether beginner or accomplished user.'
Electronic Imaging Magazine.

'A book that delivers what it sets out to do - to introduce photographers to all aspects of electronic imaging technology. The CD-ROM contains a range of well-documented high quality images, provided copyright free - anyone thinking of a shopping list or wondering how good these cameras are is going to be very happy to see such a range. The CD alone is excellent value.'
Journal of Electronic Imaging.

...we're treated to first-rate explantions of colour management, image compression and practical image output, all from the ground up.
Computer Arts Projects.