The Non-designer's Scan and Print Book (The non-designer's series)

The Non-designer's Scan and Print Book (The non-designer's series)

by RobinWilliams (Author), SandeeCohen (Author)


For beginning design students and students of other disciplines, coming to understand the scanning, prepress, and printing process involves a lot of frustrating trial and error. Let Sandee Cohen and Robin Williams explain to students the mysteries of professional document production without any confusing jargon. These tips, techniques, and principles apply to any machine on any platform.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 264
Edition: 1
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Published: 08 Jan 1999

ISBN 10: 0201353946
ISBN 13: 9780201353945
Book Overview: For most non-designers, especially beginning desktop publishers, the scanning, prepress, and printing process isn't an intuitive one. Trial and error is often the only way to learn the technical basics of producing professional-looking documents. If you're tired of learning the hard way, The Non-Designer's Scan and Print Book is for you. Using the format that is so popular in Peachpit's best-selling Non-Designer's series, this latest offering, fully cross-platform, provides a multitude of tips, techniques, and design, prepress, and production principles to help create professional-looking documents. Clear instructions and numerous examples cover the entire process of scanning, prepress, and printing.

Author Bio

Sandee Cohen, a former advertising creative supervisor, has been teaching and training on the Macintosh for the past seven years. She teaches at the New School for Social Research Computer Instruction Center in New York City. She is also a contributing writer for several desktop publishing magazines. Her artwork has been used for book jacket covers, interior illustrations, maps, and technical illustrations.

Robin Williams is a fourth-generation Californian on both sides, born in Berkeley and raised in the Bay Area. She lived in Sonoma County for 15 years, then in 1993, she packed up her kids, the dog, and two cats and moved to New Mexico.