MFC Answer Book: Solutions for Effective Visual C++ Applications

MFC Answer Book: Solutions for Effective Visual C++ Applications

by EugeneKain (Author)


The MFC Answer Book: Solutions for Effective Visual C++ Applications is written for Windows developers who want to go beyond Wizard-supplied functionality and incorporate more sophisticated and customized user interface features into their applications. This book will save you days of frustration by providing answers to more than 130 tough, real-world programming questions, such as *How do I make my application remember the last active document and automatically reopen it? *How do I dynamically replace the view displayed in a window with another kind of view? *How do I implement an expanding dialog box? *How do I embed a property sheet inside another window, such as a form view or a dialog box? *How do I display and manage a progress indicator in a status bar pane? *How do I implement advanced and customized printing features in my application? The MFC Answer Book offers the shortest path from frequently encountered programming problems to corresponding step-by-step solutions that you can integrate immediately into your current project. The question and answer format of this book makes it ideal for developers looking for quick answers to a pressing questions.In addition to providing a concise, concrete answer to each question--along with immediately reusable code--this book also contains in-depth discussions that provide a better understanding of the inner workings of MFC applications to help you sharpen your MFC programming skills. This book also explores many utility functions and classes that dramatically reduce the effort needed to add frequently asked-for improvements and customizations to your applications. The comprehensive contents, combined with an extensive, cross-referenced index, makes it easy to zoom in on exactly the solution you need. If you want to enhance your MFC skills and learn effective techniques that will allow you to add outstanding features to your Windows applications, there is no better resource than this book. 0201185377B04062001


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 704
Edition: 1
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Published: 12 Aug 1998

ISBN 10: 0201185377
ISBN 13: 9780201185379

Author Bio

As a veteran computer engineer who has been developing professional Windows applications with MFC since 1992, Eugene Kain is attuned to the needs of Windows programmers. His extensive experience includes directing software projects, consulting, and designing and delivering advanced MFC training sessions for professional developers. He has written five books on Windows programming.