Twenty First Century Science: GCSE Physics Workbook (Gcse 21st Century Science)

Twenty First Century Science: GCSE Physics Workbook (Gcse 21st Century Science)

by UniversityofYorkScienceEducationGroup (Author), NuffieldCurriculumCentre (Author)


Twenty First Century Science BLis a suite of complementary specifications offering flexible and exciting options for science at GCSE BLis unique in having been extensively trialled over three years with more than 6,000 students in each year BLis motivating, stimulating and relevant. The specifications and resources are the products of close collaboration between the University of York Science Education Group, the Nuffield Curriculum Centre, OCR, and Oxford University Press. The GCSE Physics course contains seven modules: BLP1 The Earth in the Universe BLP2 Radiation and life BLP3 Radioactive materials BLP4 Explaining motion BLP5 Electric circuits BLP6 The wave model of radiation BLP7 Further physics, including Observing the sky with the naked eye, Telescopes, Stars and Galaxies, the Birth and Death of Stars, and the Astronomical Community. P1 to 3 are as modules P1 to 3 in GCSE Science, and P4 to 6 are as modules P4 to 6 in GCSE Additional Science. A comprehensive set of resources is available: BLA Textbook BLA Workbook which can be used for homework and provides the student with a set of summary notes to help with revision. BLA Teacher and Technician Guide with lesson plans for P7, including assessments, homeworks, and activity sheets. For P1 to 3 and P4 to 6 please see the Teacher and Technician Guides for GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science. For more information, visit:


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Published: 30 Nov 2006

ISBN 10: 0199150532
ISBN 13: 9780199150533
Book Overview: A new start for separate science GCSEs, bringing rigorous content together with exciting contexts