The Plain English Guide

The Plain English Guide

by Martin Cutts (Author)


Millions of us are professional writers without even being aware of it. Everyday we write countless letters, memos, instructions, legal documents, and reports. And often this writing is criticized for being full of jargon, or obscure, or long-winded, or just not in plain English. But what is plain English, and how does one write it? The Plain English Guide offers down-to-earth advice and twenty easy-to-follow guidelines covering plain words, sentence length, active and passive verbs, punctuation, planning, and good organization of points. Martin Cutts has probably taught more writers about plain English than anyone else. This book distills his knowledge and experience, and is an essential guide for anyone who writes at work, as well as students in business and professional courses.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 176
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 01 Dec 1995

ISBN 10: 0198692595
ISBN 13: 9780198692591

Author Bio

Martin Cutts conceived and co-founded the Plain English Campaign in 1979 and was its driving force for 10 years. He left in 1989 to form Words at Work, a firm which writes and designs documents, and last year ran 140 courses in writing skills for government and business. In 1994, he set up the Plain Language Commission to do research in the field, particularly plain law. A regular broadcaster, he is a leading voice in the international plain language movement.