Better Word Power: Increase Your Confidence, and Improve Your Command of English

Better Word Power: Increase Your Confidence, and Improve Your Command of English

by JanetWhitcut (Author)


This is a vocabulary building book for anyone who wants to improve their command of English. The first part of the book introduces the reader to various ways of increasing confidence and understanding of the language, with a "tool kit" of information, including advice on how to build one's vocabulary through reading, a guide to using language reference books, ideas on how to develop strategies for tackling unknown words, and how to use context to extrapolate the meaning of unfamiliar words. Written in a discursive and readable style, you can either dip into relevant sections or you can read right through it. The second part is a look-up reference section for occasions when you need help with a specific problem, including confusable words, spelling rules, combining forms eg prefixes and suffixes (e.g. -cide, -phobia), foreign words and phrases, finding the right words (noun lists, many with helpful illustrations, cover topics such as countries, peoples, architectural terms, and parts of the body), and a lexicon of hard words which provides help with words which most people find difficult. A detailed list of contents at the front of the book helps you to locate information quickly and easily.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 01 Jan 1999

ISBN 10: 0198601565
ISBN 13: 9780198601562

Author Bio

Janet Whitcut is an experienced lexicographer and has written widely on English usage. Her previous publications include The Little Oxford Guide to English Usage (with E.S.C. Weiner and Andrew Delahunty). She lives in the United Kingdom.