The Law of Tracing

The Law of Tracing

by LionelD.Smith (Author)


The law of tracing is a complex subject which has struggled to find a home in works on property, equity, commercial law and restitution. Broadly speaking, it addresses the question of when rights held in an asset can be asserted in another asset despite changes in form or attempts to 'launder' the initial asset. Properly understood this area of study is composed of several distinct topics. This book explores all the areas covered by the law of tracing in a degree of detail not previously reached in more general works.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448
Publisher: Clarendon Press
Published: 24 Jul 1997

ISBN 10: 0198260709
ISBN 13: 9780198260707
Book Overview: Joint Winner of the STPL Award 1999

Media Reviews
a book on the highly challenging area of the law of tracing is necessary and intelligent work, peppered with relvant and helpful examples, serving to illustrate the doctrine of tracing from its historical roots to the modern day...The text is to be commended for its comparative approach...a useful addition to the practitioner's shelves.
outstanding monography ... it is a masterpiece which proves that traditional common law scholarship is not only alive and well, but moreover, is extremely useful to students, academics and practitioners ... The book is much more than the exposition of jurisprudence pertaining to the subject matter. Rather, the author goes much beyond providing a detailed and accurate description of case law. The principal strength of the work is the critical and thorough analysis of case law against underlying general principles that this case law has purported but often failed to implement ... The book is well researched and ably presented ... this is an excellent book. It is a first class piece of doctrinal scholarship ... The book is of great use to the student, practitioner, and academic. * Benjamin Geva, Banking and Finance Law Review 14. *