At Home in the Universe

At Home in the Universe

by StuartKauffman (Author)


A major scientific revolution had begun, a new paradigm that rivals Darwin's theory in importance. At its heart is the discovery of the order that lies deep within most complex of systems, from the origin of life, to the workings of giant corporations, to the rise and fall of great civilisations. And more than anyone else, this revolution is the work of one man, Stuart Kauffman, visionary pioneer of the new science of complexity, Now, in At Home in the Universe, Kauffmanbrilliantly weaves together the excitement of intellectual discovery and a fertile mix of insights to give the general reader a fascinating look at this new science - and at the forces for order that lie at the edge of chaos.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Edition: New e.
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc.
Published: 06 Feb 1997

ISBN 10: 0195111303
ISBN 13: 9780195111309

Media Reviews
This is a courageous book. It has a distinct spiritual focus, not in the religious sense, but in the sense of'why are we here?' When coupled with an unorthodox message that is unavoidably critical of much mainstream science, the combination is dynamite... Kaufmann sings his song loud and long, from the origins of life to the emergence of a glocal civilization... I guarantee that any reader whose imagination has survived an academic education- or has never been exposed to one- will learn a lot, and be changed forever. Ian Stewart, Nature
Author Bio

Stuart Kauffman is a member of the Santa Fe Institute. A MacArthur Fellowship recipient, he is the leading thinker on self-organization and the science of complexity as applied to biology.