An Introduction To Children's Literature (C Opus T Opus N)

An Introduction To Children's Literature (C Opus T Opus N)

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Children's literature is a remarkable area of writing and a growing area of study. Its characters - Pooh Bear, the Wizard of Oz, the Famous Five, Peter Rabbit - are part of most people's psyche and have strong links to basic myth and archetypes. They arouse strong feelings, as demonstrated by recent debates over political correctness. An Introduction to Children's Literature combines a history of writing for children with an assessment of its literary, sociological, and pedagogical roles. Fundamentally a history of British children's literature, Hunt identifies fantasy, nostalgia, nature images, a sense of place of territory, testing and incitation, and warmth and security as all key characteristics of children's literature.

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'A very welcome, succinct and enjoyable introduction.' Jane Doonan, The School Librarian, 42(4) November 1994

Senior Lecturer in the School of English, University of Wales, Cardiff, Peter Hunt is the author of many books on children's literature and organized the first course on children's literature at a U.K. university.