Mr. Beluncle (Twentieth Century Classics)

Mr. Beluncle (Twentieth Century Classics)

by V.S.Pritchett (Author), WalterAllen (Introduction)


Mr. Beluncle in an imposing figure who fills his life with rich fantasies and exercises the unnerving power of his personality over those around him--often with hilarious results. With his characteristic grace and style, V.S. Pritchett traces Beluncle's steps toward financial ruin, gently revealing Belucnle's warm and humorous side, yet hinting darkly at his underlying suffering. V.S. Pritchett is a noted critic, biographer, and author of short stories and novels.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 310
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks
Published: 22 May 1986

ISBN 10: 0192819607
ISBN 13: 9780192819604