Thyroid Disease: The Facts

Thyroid Disease: The Facts

by R.I.S.Bayliss (Author), W.M.G.Tunbridge (Author)


Disorders of the thyroid gland are common. Worldwide, some 200 million people have enlargement of this gland. As people with thyroid disease begin to know more about their disorder, they are able to cooperate better with treatment and their anxieties about the problem can be significantly reduced. This new edition has been revised and embraces the many important advances in the treatment of thyroid problems that have occurred since the 2nd edition was published, providing information on all types of thyroid disorders. Aimed at patients, their friends, and relatives, it includes up-to-date, readable accounts of disorders of the thyroid and the treatments, which are now available. Using the principles of evidence-based medicine, a number of 'best practice' protocols have been evolved for specific thyroid diseases in recent years, and these are featured throughout the book.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Edition: 3rd ed
Publisher: OUP
Published: 05 Nov 1998

ISBN 10: 0192629468
ISBN 13: 9780192629463