Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects (Oxford Medical Publications)

Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects (Oxford Medical Publications)

by P.J.Taylor (Editor), Felicity . C . Edwards (Editor), R.I.McCallum (Editor), P.J.Taylor (Editor), Felicity Edwards (Editor), R.I.McCallum (Editor)


This is a collection of essays, written by clinical specialists and occupational physicians, covering medical conditions which may affect suitablitiy for work, aimed at doctors who have to advise patients on employability, medical practitioners undertaking postgraduate study in occupational medicine and of interest to occupational health nurses and to management. Relevant statistics, clinical aspects and treatment that may affect work capacity are discussed, as are rehabilitation requirements or special needs at the workplace, problems that may arise at work and any necessary work restriction. The range of subjects covered, includes fitness, services for disabled people and other administrative and legal aspects which precede the main chapters covering cardio-vascular, neurological, gastro-intestinal and hepatic, renal and haematological disorders. Chapters on the special senses, dermatology, orthopaedics, and locomotor disorders are also included and there are chapters specifically devoted to conditions which may give rise to disproportionate anxiety about suitability for work, such as AIDS, back-pain, diabetes and epilepsy. The possible effects of medication on work performance is examined as are regulations on driving, merchant shipping, aviation and driving. Its approach embraces current clinical practice and recent advances in treatment and medical management, some of which have radically changed the outlook for employability.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 502
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 06 Oct 1988

ISBN 10: 0192617028
ISBN 13: 9780192617026