Brilliant ITQ

Brilliant ITQ

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Brilliant ITQ What you need to know and how to gain the ITQ qualification ! Traditional training guides can be unwieldy and make it hard to get to the info you need right away ! Brilliant ITQ allows you to find the information you need easily and without fuss and guides you through each task using a highly visual, step-by-step approach providing everything you need to gain full understanding and practical knowledge of the subjects covered by the ITQ syllabus, to assess your own training needs and then to pass the ITQ assessment exactly when you need it !! ITQ is the new flexible IT qualification for anyone who uses IT in the workplace that is designed to give you the tailored IT skills set that you need to succeed in your chosen job or career. Whether you use your computer for just a few minutes a day or all day everyday, ITQ can help you to do your job more efficiently and clear you of any frustrations you may have when using your computer. It is benchmarked to national standards and sponsored by the government, and so is nationally recognized and will also add value to your CV. Comprehensively covering the requirements of the ITQ syllabus this easy-to-use and accessible book covers all of the mandatory and optional units covered by the syllabus, along with guidelines on how to build your own unit structure and assess and fit your existing training and qualifications into it to produce the most effective IT training outcome for your particular needs. Brilliant guides provide with the quick, easy-to-access information that you need, using . * Detailed index and troubleshooting guide to help you find exactly what you need to know * Easy steps guide you through each task or problem * Numerous screenshots illustrate each step * See Also boxes point you to related tasks and information in the book * Did you know ?...sections alert you to relevant expert tips, tricks and advice Visit us on the web at

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