Saddam's Iraq: Face Off in the Gulf (Reuters)

Saddam's Iraq: Face Off in the Gulf (Reuters)

by JournalistsofReuters (Author), ReutersJournalists (Author)


In Saddam's Iraq: Face-Off in the Gulf, Reuters correspondents present a compelling, in-depth look at Iraq under President Saddam Hussein and the face-off with the United States. Drawing on decades of experience covering the region, they place today's crisis in context, offering an objective analysis of the case for regime change. They assess the implications of military attack, addressing key questions like: Will Saddam use Doomsday weapons? What is the role of oil? What happens to Israel? Who comes after Saddam? At the heart of the book: a vivid portrait of Saddam himself.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Edition: 1
Publisher: Reuters
Published: 05 Dec 2002

ISBN 10: 0131411535
ISBN 13: 9780131411531
Book Overview:

In Saddam's Iraq, a team of seasoned Reuters correspondents present an in-depth look at Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and its epochal confrontation with the United States and the West. Drawing on decades of experience covering Iraq, Hussein, and the Middle East, the authors place today's confrontation in historical context, and offer a detailed and objective examination of the United States' arguments for military action. Reuters' worldwide team assesses the positions of countries throughout the region, the risks and implications of changing the balance of power in the Gulf, and the most likely outcomes of a military attack. At the heart of the book: a vivid portrait of Saddam himself: his outsized personality and his profound impact on the history of the past quarter century.

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About Reuters

Reuters operates the largest news agency network in the world and is recognized as one of the leading providers of news text, video, graphics and pictures. With some 2,500 journalists, photographers and TV professionals based in 230 bureaus all over the world, Reuters covers the news as it breaks. Relying on a 150-year-old reputation for accuracy, speed and freedom from bias, Reuters transmits over two million words daily in 23 languages.

About the contributors

The authors of Saddam's Iraq are all seasoned Reuters foreign correspondents, steeped in Iraq, the Middle East, the 1991 Gulf War and U.S. and U.N. policy.

Paul Holmes was Bureau Chief in Jerusalem from 1997 to 2000. He has reported from some 40 countries, including from both sides during the Gulf War. He is Reuters Editor, Political and General News, and lives in New York.

Evelyn Leopold is Reuters United Nations Bureau Chief and has covered every twist and turn of U.N. weapons inspections and the resolutions on Iraq.

Alistair Lyon is Reuters Middle East Diplomatic Correspondent. After a recent trip to Tehran, he gives a unique insight into how Iraq's powerful neighbor, Iran, views the crisis.

David Storey is an expert in U.S. national security affairs and is based in Washington, D.C. He has worked as a foreign correspondent for Reuters in London, Bonn, Vienna, Warsaw, Bangkok, Ankara, Harare and Nairobi.

Mark Trevelyan has reported from five continents and 25 countries since 1986. Based in London, he is Deputy News Editor for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Patrick Worsnip has worked as the news agency's State Department Correspondent and is an expert in Middle East and foreign affairs. Worsnip wrote a series of striking eyewitness accounts after Saddam used chemical weapons on the inhabitants of the Kurdish town of Halabja in 1988.