Rock on: How I Tried to Stop Caring About Music and Learn to Love Corporate Rock

Rock on: How I Tried to Stop Caring About Music and Learn to Love Corporate Rock

by Dan Kennedy (Author)


How would you like a six-figure marketing job at the hallowed record label that signed everyone who counts in the last fifty years of pop music? Before you answer, we'll throw in a plush office, a hip assistant and a bottomless expense account? Dan Kennedy thinks all of his dreams have come true at once. In reality, he's just walked into a nightmarish episode of The Office. From his first assigment - creating a campaign celebrating 25 years of Phil Collins' love songs - he knows he's in way over his head, and from the looks of others around the boardroom, he's not alone. With cameos by ageing rock stars, dinosaur music-biz kingpins, hip-hop thugs and Iggy Pop, Rock On is an achingly funny tale of rock and roll, office life, and what happens when the suits take control.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Publisher: Vintage
Published: 02 Apr 2009

ISBN 10: 0099522934
ISBN 13: 9780099522935
Book Overview: A memoir of comic genius about working for one of the great music labels: Spinal Tap meets The Office.

Media Reviews
Blessed with an eye for detail and a shrewd sense of comic timing, Kennedy plays with his internal narrative against the grain of his subject matter with consistently entertaiing results. You trust for his own well-being that he doesn't bump into some of the ex-colleagues he describes in such hilariously unflattering detail too soon * Guardian *
'[A] droll, downbeat account of life in the belly of the corporate rockbeast... His narrative is a fractured mix of cameo scenes from the day job, the surreal daydreams that sprout from it, and satirical doodles... [a] high-spirited obituary for the record business * Sunday Times *
Rock On is a succession of gently mordant vignettes, with hilariously spot-on asides about media image-making, music-biz hierarchies and sensitive singer-songwriters. Neither Kennedy nor the music business will ever be the same * New York Times *
If he weren't so self-deprecating, Kennedy might come off as a jerk. But he's just as hard on himself and, besides, he's funny. Super funny * Los Angeles Times *
A droll antidote to the standard music-biz memoir -- Robert Sandall * Sunday Times *
Author Bio
Dan Kennedy is a regular contributor to McSweeney's and his work has appeared in The Best of McSweeney's Humor Category, Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney's Book of Lists, GQ magazine and other publications. He lives in New York.