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Wasted Years: (Resnick 5) - Resnick

3.90 (23,092 Ratings by Goodreads)
Wasted Years: (Resnick 5)

Wasted Years: (Resnick 5) - Resnick

3.90 (23,092 Ratings by Goodreads)
Mass Market Paperback
Published: 30 August, 1994
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A series of brutal robberies takes Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick back ten years. To a time when a rash of very similar incidents left him face to face with a frenzied sociopath who nearly brought his life to a premature end - and to a time when his wife ran off with her lover, putting paid to their marriage and leaving him with a psychic wound that still hasn't healed. Now with the look-alike robberies escalating in violence, Resnick fights to track the men down before they kill, just as he fights to stem the poignant memories that threaten to overwhelm him.

A densely textured procedural, reverberating with the sounds and side effects of broken wedlock... how Harvey makes these breakages count in the final solution is his magic and triumph. Another winner * Sunday Times *
From Resnick's bruised marriage to his flamboyant sandwiches, from the precisely drawn characters to the surprising (yet strangely inevitable) climax, from the wonderfully telling details ... to the desolation of a decaying city, Wasted Years is a novel without one false note * San Francisco Chronicle *

John Harvey is the author of the richly praised Charlie Resnick novels, the first of which, Lonely Hearts, was named by The Times as one of the '100 Best Crime Novels of the Century'. His first novel featuring Frank Elder, Flesh and Blood, won the CWA Silver Dagger in 2004, and a Barry Award for the Best British Crime Novel published in the US in 2004. In 2007 John Harvey was awarded the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger and in 2009 he was awarded an honorary degree, Doctor of Letters, by the University of Nottingham. To find out more about John Harvey visit his website at: www.mellotone.co.uk

Type Book
ISBN 9780099421559
Number Of Pages 352
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Product Dimensions 108 x 30 x 176 mm
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Format Mass Market Paperback