Super Brain: 101 Easy Ways to a More Agile Mind

Super Brain: 101 Easy Ways to a More Agile Mind

by Carol Vorderman (Author)


Boosting your brain power doesn't have to mean studying hard or becoming a reclusive bookworm. Super Brain is packed with tricks, techniques and habits, as well as changes to lifestyle, diet and behaviour, that can help to flex your grey matter and get the best out of your brain cells. This book offers positive strategies for all ages to boost your memory, improve your powers of concentration and enhance creativity, as well as groundbreaking advice on: - The ultimate mastermind diet - How to fine tune your brain with music and rhythm - Tips and hints for better sleep - Exercise routines and yoga postures to improve your brain power With 101 exercises for your brain, Carol Vorderman shows that mental decline isn't inevitable with age.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 239
Publisher: Vermilion
Published: 04 Jan 2007

ISBN 10: 0091917026
ISBN 13: 9780091917029
Book Overview: In this lively, accessible book, bestselling author Carol Vorderman shows how you can improve your mental agility

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little gem...packed full of tricks and techniques, these are all fun, practical ways to boost your grey matter * Hot Stars! in OK Magazine *
Author Bio
Carol Vorderman is the bestselling author of a series of Detox and Sudoku titles. She has been the numbers face of Countdown with the late Richard Whitely for over two decades and a popular TV-presenting personality in her own right. She was awarded an MBE in 2000.