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The Weekenders :Travels in the Heart of Africa

3.20 (134 Ratings by Goodreads)
The Weekenders

The Weekenders :Travels in the Heart of Africa

3.20 (134 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 8 November, 2001
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What would happen if you took some of Britain's best writing talent, put them on a plane and flew them to one of the most extraordinary and inaccessible places on the planet? What would happen if you took Irvine Welsh from the streets of Edinburgh and showed him a remote, dangerous village in Africa? Or if you flew Alex Garland into one of the world's most hazardous war zones? And how would Tony Hawks react if you dragged him away from his tennis and asked him to write a song with a Sudanese tribesman? With Victoria Glendinning, Andrew O'Hagan, Giles Foden and WF Deedes, these writers have experienced for themselves one of the most beautiful and yet troubled lands in the world - Sudan. This remarkable collection of short stories and evocative travel writing is their response - as diverse and unpredictable as the country itself.

Winner of WH Smith Book Awards (Travel Writing) 2002,Winner of WH Smith Book Awards: Travel 2002

All of the writers are bestselling authors and critically acclaimed.

Type Book
ISBN 9780091881801
Number Of Pages 352
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Product Dimensions 126 x 198 x 22 mm
Publisher Ebury Publishing
Format Paperback