Nanny Knows Best: Successful Potty Training

Nanny Knows Best: Successful Potty Training

by NinaGrunfeld (Author), JeanSmith (Author), NinaGrunfeld (Author), NannyJeanSmith (Author)


Drawing on years of practical experience Nanny Smith will help every parent and every baby through this potentially traumatic time to enjoy the ease of life without nappies. Featuring Nanny's 10-step plan for guaranteed success the book answers common questions with sane practical and loving advice. She also addresses serious problems such as soiling and bedwetting in older children. There are no gimmicks in this book - Nanny Smith believes that every parent will learn for themselves what is right for their child.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 96
Publisher: Vermilion
Published: 28 Mar 1996

ISBN 10: 0091809401
ISBN 13: 9780091809409

Author Bio
Nanny Smith has had over fifty years of practical experience as a nanny looking after children of all ages and she is now inundated daily with questions from anxious parents. This book is packed with her practical, straightforward advice giving you the answers you need to toilet-train your child - confidently.