Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

by JennyPaschall (Author), RonLyon (Author)


Here are spooky tales, loopy laws and strange inventions from all around the world. There are wild eccentrics like Dutchman Fons Oelermann who plans to cross the Atlantic in a bottle; the first and last Emperor of the United States, Joshua Norton; and Winchester rifle heiress Sarah Winchester who spent 38 years, 24 hours a day, building her house to keep the ghosts away. There are macabre extracts from history, like the tale of Cromwell's head, exhibited in peepshows and on mantlepieces for 200 years; and the story of Lord Uxbridge's leg, blown off at Waterloo and buried with full military honours on its own. The book features odd collections, outlandish pastimes like worm charming; and talented animals like Ruby, the painting elephant, whose canvasses fetch up to $3500 a time. Based on an international TV series in the USA called "Ripley's Believe It or Not", now followed by "Beyond Belief", this illustrated volume presents true-life curiosities - the odd, the eccentric and the bizarre - from the strange places people live to the extraordinary things they do.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Hutchinson
Published: 07 Oct 1993

ISBN 10: 0091779839
ISBN 13: 9780091779832