All About Bonds and Bond Mutual Funds: The Easy Way to Get Started

All About Bonds and Bond Mutual Funds: The Easy Way to Get Started

by EsmeE.Faerber (Author)


This title provides all the facts you need for astute fixed-income investing. With business headlines dominated by stock market turmoil, quality information on relatively sedate bond investments has been hard to find. Yet investors with an eye to long-term security understand: a truly diversified low-risk/high-return portfolio must contain fixed-income investments, either bond or bond mutual funds. All About Bonds and Bond Mutual Funds, Second Edition , fills the information void.Written specifically for the individual investor who just wants to understand the basics of bonds and bond mutual funds, this easy-to-use book is packed with hands-on, practical guidance. Acclaimed author and finance educator Esme Faerber cuts through the clutter, telling you just what you need to know to make intelligent, profitable bond investment decisions. Read All About Bonds and Bond Mutual Funds before you invest to discover: an explanation of bonds; the reasons for investing in bonds; how to buy and sell bonds; advantages and disadvantages of individual bonds versus bond mutual funds; characteristics of bonds, including field, liquidity, duration, and valuation; detailed descriptions of individual fixed-income investments, including money market funds, corporate and government securities, municipal bonds, convertible bonds, and zero-coupon bonds; and strategies for integrating bonds with stocks in a diversified portfolio.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 342
Edition: 2
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Published: 01 Dec 1999

ISBN 10: 0071345078
ISBN 13: 9780071345071

Author Bio
Esme Faerbe, CPA is a professor of business and accounting at Rosemont College. Her previous books include All About Bonds, All About Stocks, and Managing Your Investments, Savings, and Credit.