Big Cat Diary: Lion

Big Cat Diary: Lion

ISBN13: 9780007211791
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This companion to the successful BBC1 Big Cat Diary series, goes beyond the day-to-day footage to explore the bigger picture of the lives of Lions in Africa. Having lived in the Mara for 30 years, Jonathan and Angie Scott are widely respected experts on all of Africa's three big cats.Big Cat Diary: Lion is the first in a series of three books designed to complement the BBC TV series, and provides a complete picture of the lives of the Lions that live in the Masai Mara and beyond. As well as a detailed examination of biology and behaviour, the book provides an historical perspective of the Lion families featured in the series. The book offers a detailed examination of lion behaviour - the way lions are organised socially, how they develop from birth to young adult, how the males take over a pride and how the lone females survive without a pride. And with less than 30,000 lions in Africa, the question of how to conserve the world's big cat population is an urgent one. How can we ensure they can maintain breeding populations, space to hunt and sufficient prey to survive? With its stunning photography and fascinating, first-hand accounts from someone who has devoted their lives to these wonderful creatures, Big Cat Diary: Lion is a must-have for big cat fans everywhere.

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Praise for Big Cat Diary: Lion 'This book offeres a great insight into lions' lives: their everyday behaviour, their social organisation and their development from cub to adult' Geographical 'The king of beasts inspires a multitude of emotions!this book captures their magic and the day-to-day reality of their lives ' Traveller Magazine Praise for Big Cat Diary: Cheetah 'beautifully illustrated with the Scotts' superb photography ! a detailed and insightful introduction to these slinky speed machines ! the Scotts' anecdotes and reflections give the book a warmth and personality missing from so many of its ilk.' Geographical, Jan 2005 'Unmissable' Wanderlust, Feb 05 'the ultimate armchair-safari insight into one of the fastest creatures on the planet.' Abta travelspirit, Feb 05 'Wildlife book of the month' BBC Wildlife Praise for Big Cat Diary: Leopard 'everything you will ever need to know about the top of the spots' BBC Wildlife

Presenter, author and photographer Jonathan Scott has written a number of books including Mara Serengeti, Dawn to Dusk and Kingdom of the Lions. Both he and his wife Angie are previous winners of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, and their stunning photographs appear in all three Big Cat Diary books.