Media Studies for GCSE – Student’s Book

Media Studies for GCSE – Student’s Book

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This bestselling Pupil Book, now in it's Third Edition, offers unequalled coverage in it's approach to case studies, practical production assignments and the Controlled Test. This useable book will: * Improve your students understanding of the key concepts - with full explanations of 'reading' different media 'texts', demonstrated and reinforced through stimulating examples and activities * Help students to get the best grades - with thorough preparation for the various modes of assessment via dedicated sections on skills to tackle the different tests and assignments * Enhance students performance in the year's test topic - with resources specifically to support the on-line Controlled Test

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What teachers and reviewers say about the first edition: Excellent book. Clearly laid out and explained in a way that targets various ability levels. Media and English teacher, Belfast. When I showed the book to a group of GCSE teachers, they agreed that the material was the most useful available In the Picture. An immensely readable text. TES.

Chief Examiner for GCSE and Chair of Examiners for A-Level. Former lecturer in Media Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. Consultant in media education and author of 'Media studies: the essential introduction' and 'Communication studies: the essential introduction'.