Collins Word Games

Collins Word Games

by Graham King (Author), NickNewman (Contributor), SundayTimes (Contributor)


The Collins Word Games - with all sorts of games , from acrostics and tongue twisters, to puns and found poetry - is the ideal book for all word-game fanatics, from anagram and Countdown buffs, to parents seeking to improve their children's word skills, and crossword solvers. With Play-it-now! sections to develop your wordpower.

A feast of word and letter games for countdown watchers and all word game fanatics, from crossword solvers to quiz buffs. From an early age, most of us stray from the stern discipline of learning what language is all about, and start to play with letters and words, whether punning through knock-knock jokes, learning enunciation through tongue-twisters, or discovering the delights of malapropisms and spoonerisms. The Collins Word Games is the perfect re-introduction to that world when learning was a joy, and words were the key to all things.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Collins
Published: 07 May 2002

ISBN 10: 0007127480
ISBN 13: 9780007127481

Author Bio

The late Graham King was a News Corporation executive and Marketing Director of The Sunday Times. He died n 1999, and was author of The Times Writer's Guide and the Collins Wordpower series.