Presenting the Past (4) - The Modern World

Presenting the Past (4) - The Modern World

by SueJohnson (Author), ElizabethSparey (Author), KeithWorrall (Author)


The final pupil book in a groundbreaking Key Stage 3 series designed to grab pupils' attention with its fresh approach to traditional content. Presenting the Past 4 - Hot War, Cold War: / Why did the twentieth-century conflicts affect so many people? The Holocaust / How did it happen? Who resisted the Nazis? Medicine in the twentieth century / The birth of the NHS. / Can the NHS last? / Health problems in perspective Northern Ireland: why has it been so hard to achieve peace? / How division started, Bloody Sunday and violence versus peace



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 120
Publisher: Collins Educational
Published: 20 Apr 2003

ISBN 10: 0007114575
ISBN 13: 9780007114573
Book Overview: Investigations, with an emphasis on interpretations, encourage pupils to interact with sources.

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A blast of fresh air for history teachers everywhere. The Teacher
Author Bio
Paul Grey , History Advisor for Havering, experienced author; Rosemarie Little, Teacher, experienced author; Andrew Wrenn, History Adviser, Cambridgeshire; co-author of Minds and Machines (Longman Think Through History); KeithWorrall, Humanities Adviser, Doncaster; co-author of History Investigations