Managing Anger: Simple Steps to Dealing with Frustration and Threat

Managing Anger: Simple Steps to Dealing with Frustration and Threat

ISBN13: 9780007100347
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Simple Steps to deal positively with anger and frustration. Anger is a natural emotional response to threat, hurt, frustaration or loss. As such, it's a healthy survival tool -- 'Letting off Steam' is a vital means of releasing a build-up of emotional pressure. But anger is also a dangerous force. Uncontrolled fury can lead to rash words, violence and destructiveness, while repressed rage can result in bitterness, stress, misery and guilt. Both extremes can seriously damage your health. In 'Managing Anger', Gael Lindenfield clearly explains the effects of anger on our minds and bodies, and suggets ways of dealing both with our own anger and that of other people.

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Sensible, practical, and exceedingly useful!.
Claire Rayner

Gael Lindenfield is a freelance pyschotherapist and author of 9 internationally best-selling self-help books. She runs her own personal development consultancy, and has been a pioneering force in the self-help movement throughout her career.

Through her writing and media work, Gael is committed to making exciting personal development opportunities accessible to millions of people who may be looking for ways to change themselves and their lives.