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X-Files (7) - Control (The X-files)

X-Files (7) - Control (The X-files)

by EverettOwens (Author)


The seventh in a stylish new series of novelizations of classic episodes from the phenomenally successful cult TV show The X-Files created by Chris Carter. FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate the eerie unsolved mysteries the FBI want handled quietly but quickly, before the public finds out what's really out there...and panics. The cases filed under 'X'. Suicide - or murder? A man who calls himself 'Pusher' confesses to committing fourteen perfect murders - by making them all look like suicides. Pusher has too much specific crime scene information to be bluffing, but the question remains - how did he do it? FBI Special Agent Scully thinks the man is an egomaniac - and a liar. Her partner, Mulder, has a different explanation. He thinks that Pusher is a bizarre homicidal assassin who uses such powerful mind control that he can convince his victims to kill themselves. But without a scrap of evidence, there's only one way for Mulder to prove his theory. He has to go up against Pusher himself...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Edition: TV Tie in Ed
Publisher: Voyager
Published: 06 Oct 1997

ISBN 10: 0006483305
ISBN 13: 9780006483304
Book Overview: A tie-in edition with The X-Files television series featuring David Duchovny as Agent Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully.

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