The Twelve Organizational Capabilities

The Twelve Organizational Capabilities

by Bob Garratt (Author), Bob Garratt (Author)


Why do directors and managers design and operate organizations as if the people who comprise them do not matter? Why do so many of them have such poor attitudes, and knowledge of the theory and practice of organizing? Organizations are fundamental human institutions, yet all too often they are seen as mindless, heartless machines. In this text, Bob Garratt demonstrates the business value of treating people as unique individuals with energy, experience and commitment, rather than faceless minions.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Publisher: HarperCollins Business
Published: 04 Jan 2000

ISBN 10: 000255870X
ISBN 13: 9780002558709

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Praise for The Fish Rots from the Head: 'Garratt has a gift for synthesizing things in a beautifully clear and succinct way' Charles Handy 'No director can afford to ignore this book' Sir Adrian Cadbury
Author Bio
Bob Garratt is editor of the Successful Manager and Strategist series and author of The Learning Organization, Learning to Lead and The Fish Rots from the Head. He has worked in many European countries, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and has been developing management education in China and Hong Kong since 1976. He lives in north London.