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Used Books in the UK

Here at AwesomeBooks, we know you can never have enough books. Whether you’re a casual reader or a bit of a book worm, we know that having a great collection of books to choose from is one of life’s greatest pleasures! As some people find new books a little expensive, used book are constantly increasing in popularity, and that’s where AwesomeBooks comes in! We have a huge range of both new and used books at amazing low prices.

Browsing through our selection you’ll find all our books in an acceptable condition, some like new! No matter your favourite author or genre, you’ll find something to suit your tastes. We have horror, history, children's, science fiction and fantasy books, and everything from popular classics to today's bestsellers. You can even find books by some of the biggest names today such as James Patterson, Jodi Picoult and J.K. Rowling! No matter what you love – crisp new pages or a well-loved novel, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for at AwesomeBooks at amazingly low prices.

Awesome Used Books for Sale

Since 2006, we have been providing book-lovers with an incredible selection of used books in the UK, whatever they're into – be it a bit of mystery, science fiction, or biography. Whether you're a Neil Gaiman kind of guy or a Stephen King gal, you'll find quality cheap books in the UK by these and many more. But we don’t just stock novels – we also have short story anthologies, poetry collections, graphic novels and a fantastic selection of non-fiction books; from books about food and drink to science or music.

No matter what your budget our cheap and affordable books are available at some of the lowest prices online, so the fear of cost needn’t put you off reading the books you’ve been hunting down for ages! We’re massive book-lovers ourselves, so we know you want to get your hands on those must-reads as fast as possible which is why we try to ensure all orders leave our warehouse within 24 hours of you placing you order. But that’s not all, we’re so dedicated to providing you with best possible service that we also offer free shipping to the UK, and it’s just £2.99 on all worldwide shipping, outside the UK. Plus, if you have any problems, we promise our lovely customer service team will respond to any email queries within 24 hours.

Second Hand Books Online

Online shopping has become the primary way most people shop in recent years, in particular for second–hand books, so here at AwesomeBooks we’re aiming to bring you the biggest and most diverse selection out there! We’ve designed our site to be as easy to use as possible to help you find everything you need in no time at all! You’ll find almost any book you want, either new or used. Not only are our prices are some of the lowest for second-hand books online, but we also offer great deals and discounts on a regular basis. Our Magic Bundles page are a brilliant way to discover new books in your favourite genre, or by your favourite author for awesome low prices – you choose you category and we’ll suggest 3 books we think you’ll love!